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This album and discography page is dedicated to Barry McGuire for all the great music he has given us. When I first discovered Barry I was only 15. This was 1994, before the internet age, so it was hard to find a lot of information and history about Barry. This is why I compiled this album page: so fans and the curious can find information about Barry's albums, albums that it took me quite awhile to compile.

Here and Now: Barry McGuire and Barry Kane (1962)
availability= LP only, long out of print
This is the super Rare first album on Horizon Records WP-1608, released in 1962. Barry McGuire and Barry Kane provide vocals and guitar. New Christy Minstrel Art Podell plays guitar and banjo. Jimmy Bond is on bass. This album sounds much like the New Christy Minstrels, although the sound is more subdued and solemn. The pretty tenor Kane and the gruff baritone McGuire combine to make some great folk music. I wish someone would re-release this stuff!

Track Listing
Another Man
Summer's Over
Gold Wedding Ring
Drunken Sailor
Far Side of the Hill
Fireball Mail
Bull Gine Run
Land of Oden
You Know My Name
The First Time
If I Had A Hammer

The Barry McGuire Album (1963)
availability= in print as an import "Eve of Destruction Man" otherwise LP only
This is Barry's first solo album released on the Horizon label in 1963. It was later reissued on the Mira label in the mid-60s. This album is much closer to Barry's folk roots than the others. The New Christy Minstrels back him throughout. Songs were written by Barry himself, Hoyt Axton and Rod McKuen, all who were on the Horizon label at the time. This album was re-released as "the Eve of Destruction Man" later, remaining for the most part the same. Highlights are "The Good time is all Done now," "Little Boy," and "So Long, Stay Well." Track Listing coming soon.

Eve of Destruction (1965)
availability= in print as an import. Otherwise LP only.
This is the biggie that made Barry famous. This album is mostly a collection of Barry singing P.F. Sloan and Bob Dylan, the former a writer and performer for Dunhill records. This is Barry's best selling secular record. Highlights include "Eve of Destruction," "What's Exactly the Matter with me?" and "Why Not Stop and Dig it." He also does a good rendition of Ian and Sylvia's "You Were on My Mind," and "Baby Blue" by Bob Dylan. This album made around 33 on the album charts. Eve of Destruction made no. 1 on the singles chart. This is available as a German Import, though getting it may be a little tricky. Track Listing coming soon.

This Precious Time (1966)
availability= LP only, out of print

This is Barry's 2nd album on Dunhill released in 1966. This album is more of the same type of material that was on Eve of Destruction. The material on this album is slightly better though less popular, repeating the "cover P.F. Sloan" theory. Included are "This Precious Time," "Upon a Painted Ocean," "Child of Our Times," and "Let Me Be." A huge standout is Barry's version of "California Dreamin" in which his gravelly voice rings through. He also covers "Yesterday" and "Do You Believe in Magic?" Barry is backed by the Mama's and Papa's here. Track Listing coming soon.

The World's Last Private Citizen (1967)
availability= LP only, out of print
This album is Barry's 1967 release, and his final on the Dunhill label. The album contains many good tracks. The production is no longer the potentially annoying voice on one channel, music on the other. The songs are from a variety of songwriters, from Barry and an ex-New Christy minstrel, to members of Paul Revere and the Raiders. Highlights include, "Top of the Hill," "Cloudy Summer Afternoon" and the ultra cool "Grasshopper Song." Included is a song from the movie The President's Analyst, "Inner Manipulations." Barry's career is slowing down here. There are a few repeats from earlier albums, such as "This Precious Time," and "Hang on Sloopy."

Barry McGuire and the Doctor (1970)
availability= LP only, out of print
This album is Barry's final secular album, on the Ode label. For this album Barry teamed up with Eric Hord ("The Doctor"), as well as members of the Byrds (Chris Hillman, Michael Clarke), Flying Burrito Bros (Sneaky Pete Kleinow), Dillard and Clark (Byron Berline), and the Eagles (Bernie Leadon). The album has a very different feel to it than his earlier Dunhill material. The songs are longer and have a more bluegrass feel to them at times, which means they are quite good. This is perhaps his most critically acclaimed album he has ever made, although sales were weak. Highlights include "Too Much City" and "South of the Border" where drug references abound. Barry noted that he doesn't remember much about the album, except the mounds of cocaine he and others consumed while recording it. Barry would soon undergo a powerful change in his life.

Seeds (1973)
availability= LP only, out of print
This is Barry's first Christian album after being converted. Barry converted reading the Good News Bible, Today's English Version. The album reflects his newfound faith in Jesus Christ. The songs are pretty good, though they have a different feel to them than both his Dunhill and Ode styles. "Love Is" is a standout track, which is based on the New Testament words of Jesus, "Love the Lord Your God" and "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself."

Lighten Up (1975)
availability= LP only, out of print
This is in my opinion, Barry's finest Christian solo album. He wrote most of the album and he does his songs with raw emotion. This album includes a remake of Barry's popular song "Eve of Destruction" which then merges into a new song, "Don't Blame God." Barry takes the message of "Eve" and relates it to how God is calling us to turn to him. One of the best songs on the album is the gritty "Jungle Road." Another standout track is the "Anyone but Jesus."

Track Listing
Eve of Destruction / Don't Blame God / 2 Chronicles 7:14
Callin Me Home
Pay the Piper
When the Mist has Rolled Away
Walk in the Sunshine
Hey World
You've Heard His Voice
Happy Road
How Many Times
Anyone But Jesus

Have You Heard (1977)
availability=LP only out of print
This is a nice release by Barry. Some of the songs tend to be silly and overproduced (ie "Chubby Chubby"), but overall not a bad crop of songs. This is not as good as Lighten Up, but not a bad album to own.

Track Listing
There is A Peace
Some Time Some Place
Ol' Branch
Chubby Chubby
Communion Song
My Lord
Good Ole Gospel Feelin
Light of The World
Don't Thank Me

Polka Dot Bear (????)
availability= LP only, long out of print

I have no idea when this LP was released. the only way I know of it is by a web page that makes fun of it. Apparently this is a record that tells the creation story of Genesis either by song or by spoken word. This was released on the BirdWing label.

Cosmic Cowboy (1979)
availability= LP and CD, though both are out of print

This Barry's Christian effort from 1979. By this Time Barry had given up his folk sound for a more disco-like one. In my opinion, this was sad for fans of Barry's traditional sound. "What Good Would It Do" is a standout. This album was up for a Grammy actually, and I can't figure out why it was nominated and not his earlier (and better) Christian material. A must for anybody who wants all of Barry's albums, but in my opinion not a good representation of what he is about.

Inside Out (1979)
availability=LP only, out of print

This is a live album Barry did at the Sparrow/Worldvision Concert For Hungry Children. Barry does a few songs that are now well recognized such as "Cosmic Cowboy" and "Bullfrogs and Butterflies."

Track Listing
C'Mon Along
Communion Song
Moment of Truth
Bullfrogs and Butterflies
The Tablets of Our Hearts
Baby Huey
Knowers and Believers
Jesus is Comin Back to Stay
Cosmic Cowboy

Finer Than Gold (1981)
availability=LP only Out of print
This is perhaps his last album on Sparrow. The album is very good, and in my book a great improvement on Cosmic Cowboy. "Lonely Love" is a favorite of mine. Worth a listen!

Track Listing
Lonely Love
The music of his band
Don't Hurt me now
I don't believe in luck
Ashes to ashes
Salvation man
I can see the light
Still calling you
Christ is coming soon

The Barry McGuire Anthology
availability=CD, out of print, though may be able to be ordered

This is the first Barry McGuire collection I bought back in 1994 when I was 15. I had just heard his "Eve of Destruction" compilation tape. The Anthology has no liner notes or information about Barry or the songs, and a simple brown cover. The songs are decent choices of Barry's songs. It is the only CD with "The Grasshopper Song," which makes it an essential addition to my digital collection. It is now out of print which is unfortunate. Hopefully it will motivate another company to release a Barry collection in the near future. Sadly this album has almost disappeared from shelves.

Upon A Painted Ocean: Best of Barry McGuire (1995)
availability= as CD, in print, import
This is the Best of Barry McGuire import CD. This is a fine collection of songs, highlighted by excellent liner notes the Anthology lacks. It contains many songs from each of his Dunhill albums, many from The World's Last Private Citizen not formerly available on CD. It contains "California Dreamin" and "Let Me Be," both unavailable in the US, unless you can find the Eve of Destruction compilation tape. "Secret Saucer Man," written by McGuire and Paul Potash, and "There's Nothin' Else on My Mind," written by Cashman and Pistilli (of the band "Cashman, Pistilli, and West," later "Cashman and West"), are unique and showcase McGuire's evolving sound. This is a great buy from Germany.

Track Listing
Eve of Destruction
You Never Had it so Good
The Sins of a Family
Try To Remember
Ain't No Way I'm Gonna Change my Mind
What's Exactly the Matter with Me?
This Precious Time
California Dreamin
Let Me Be
Upon a Painted Ocean
I'd Have to Be Outta my mind
Child of Our Times
Cloudy Summer Afternoon
Inner Manipulations
Secret Saucer Man
Top O' the Hill
There's Nothin else on my Mind
Hang on Sloopy

availability= All LP only and out of print

Narnia (1974)
C'Mon Along (1976)
To the Bride Live (1976)
Jubilation (1976)
Jubilation Too (1976)
Happy Roads (1978)



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